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January 11, 2012 / Hal (GT)

Break Up the CME? You must be kidding…

You should go watch this video on FoxBusiness: Gasparino: Break-Up of CME on the Table

I frankly will be very, very surprised if that happens. In part because the corruption in the government in my personal opinion is far above what it used to be and they don’t feel the need to hide it. Thought I guess some will make an argument that breaking it up will help hide things. Maybe. But at this point I think the corruption has gotten to a point where they are quite happy to parade it in the open without any sort of adornment.

10 day gold verses DXY

10 day chart of Gold and DXY

Right now gold is looking rather good and seems to have found strength. The Adobe Air widget Exact Price is showing it to be $1,642.30. The Dollar has been strong and is around 81 so there appears to be a desire of gold to break from its inverse relationship with the dollar. We shall see if this holds over the next week.

Another piece that I think is worth some consideration today is

It’s All Been Done Before on the Dollar Vigilante who begins:

One of the downsides of having government education camps (the school system) “educate” most of us slaves  is that most of us have no clue what occured prior to our own lifetimes.  And what we think we know is incorrect or never happened.

Everything that is currently going on in the US… government “stimulus”, massive deficits, pending bankruptcy and the use of the crisis to institute more government controls and blame the “free market” has already happened twice in the last century in the US.  The following cartoon with the outline of the grand plan was printed in the Chicago Tribune in 1934, just after the first bankruptcy of the US Government in 1933.

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Until next time.

January 5, 2012 / Hal (GT)

MF Global continues to create waves.

I’ve been watching for MF Global news for a bit now, and it continues to become clear to me it is one of those turning points in the precious metals arena.

It’s a giant set up to me. And just shows the level of corruption that goes to the top of political and economic echelons. It shows to me how arrogantly the elite views the regular guy on the street.

I’ve posted a bunch of the news and items that relate to gold and silver over at my page: Gold and What Moves it.

But there’s two posts that I think are must reads in relation to MF Global and what the outlook for 2012 could very well be. Both come from Expected Returns:

Happy New Year (LOL)

A Couple Ominous Signs

Both are fairly short and both are worth your time, in my mind.

Right now gold and silver are at $1,622.50 and $29.30 as I look at the Exact Price widget sitting on my desktop.

December 16, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold Contraction OVER?

Good question. If you’ve been watching gold like me with the Exact Price widget you’ve been going, “Wow”.

Finally, the down winds seem to have turned. Gold is at $1,599.60 as we go into the weekend. I would have felt a lot more better if it had cleared $1,600.00 but I’ll take it. It does look like a bottom is in. But next week will tell. It’s definitely been a great buying opportunity for a lot of people. I think what it’s come down to is a liquidity problem for banks and governments, but time will reveal the truth.

That said if you’re not following my curated feed on you’re missing most of the stuff I collect on the subject. Here’s the link:

Gold and What Moves it.

Here are the top items I found today that are worth your time I believe:

Jim Rickards – The US Treasury Shorts the Dollar

Global economy fading fast … and no one’s coming to the rescue this time!

Gold and Money in Extremis… One Man’s Story

More Proof That The Gold Sell-Off Was Manipulated

Gold is Going Nowhere

House passes $1T budget bill, avoids shutdown

Have a great weekend folks.

December 6, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Which way will it go? Which way will it go?

That is the question isn’t it? What’s next? Will the Euro fold? Will the IMF bail them out? Will the ECB print? Will debt magically disappear and all live happily ever after or at least until the next, bigger, manufactured bubble smothers us?

Yeah. Gold is bouncing around in consolidation mode it seems. Bit frustrating to watch the golden widget on my desktop and get a head fake by the direction gold and silver are going but that can be the case from time to time. Though I must say when it got back below 1,710 I was thinking that this might be a great buying opportunity. The spot price now is at $1,729.40 so I guess some others must have had the same thought.

If you’re not following my page you’re not getting all the goodness of articles I’ve stumbled upon along throughout the day.

That said there are three items that I think you need to check out if you do nothing else but download the widget.

Gold loses battle for $1750- needs to push through $1765

1705 Holds Again

Obama Now Blames The Internet For Job Losses  – augh.

Until next time.


November 29, 2011 / Hal (GT)

The world is saved! At least that’s the rumor.

Anyone else weary of how rumors and innuendo are driving markets and government? It’s like the investment and halls of politicians have changed position with TV Soap Operas. I hate Soaps. One bad plot after another. The stuff of brain cavities.

That’s pretty much how I feel about the current news cycle and investment reaction too it. But hey. What do I know. Not much. I’m just the kind of guy that prefers some form of solid trustworthy currency.

Gold made another attempt at resistance level $1720 today. Played around there but at the moment ExactPrice is showing it back down at $1,716.90. I’m going to be curious to see what Asia buyers do again tonight.

In the mean time here are some worthy reads.

Lear Capital: Solving Debt Crisis By Printing More Money, Buying More Gold <- Pretty much nothing has changed as the piece brings out. Government’s answer to fixing the problem of debt is more debt. Get used to it. At least until it drowns everyone.

King World News Interview with Eric Sprott is a must listen too interview. <- Hat tip to @ajmcafe.

Letter Sent to CME Chairmen and CFTC Commissioners <- Proof to me that the MF Global debacle ain’t going away.

Risk on – Everything got fixed overnight <- Looks like Trader Dan feels the same way I do about all this.

Jim Rickards Interview on King World News <- SDR’s IMF, dollar, and Roubini. Good interview worth listening too.

Gold vs the dollar as the Eurozone wilts <- I found this to be a sound piece.

Counter economic turmoil to come with gold – Williams <- good interview.

SocGen Sees $600 Billion QE3 Starting In March 2012 Sending Gold Up Between $1900 And $8500/Oz <- From ZeroHedge.


November 22, 2011 / Hal (GT)

What to make of gold this week?

Have you been watching the spot price of gold the past several weeks? I’ve been doing so with the widget, ExactPrice, and it has been interesting.

There are I some major factors going on at this time when I just scratch my head and go, “why isn’t it exploding to the upside,” when instead it’s being forced down.

In my mind the two big factors are manipulation and lack of trust by investors.

Here’s the top items that are in my mind the must reads this week as we go into the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Lear Capital: Does the Gold Price Make Sense? <- Great points made here.

Late-day Levitation | TF Metals Report <- Be sure to scroll down and read the posted comment that Ferguson highlights.

Insight: Farm belt rage over MF Global could chill markets <- Proof that investors don’t trust the investment system anymore.

Ranting Andy: MF Global – The Beginning of the End of Paper Markets <- More on the scandal.

Did Anyone Really Think the Supercommittee Would Make a Difference? <- I didn’t. This is a great read. Pay attention to the breast implant conversation.

Have a great holiday folks. Be sure to check out my feed for more info on what’s driving the gold market.

November 17, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Two charts for you and a Must Watch video.

Nov 2010 Gold chart

Nov 2010 Gold chart

Nov 2011 Gold chart

Nov 2011 Gold chart