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January 11, 2012 / Hal (GT)

Break Up the CME? You must be kidding…

You should go watch this video on FoxBusiness: Gasparino: Break-Up of CME on the Table

I frankly will be very, very surprised if that happens. In part because the corruption in the government in my personal opinion is far above what it used to be and they don’t feel the need to hide it. Thought I guess some will make an argument that breaking it up will help hide things. Maybe. But at this point I think the corruption has gotten to a point where they are quite happy to parade it in the open without any sort of adornment.

10 day gold verses DXY

10 day chart of Gold and DXY

Right now gold is looking rather good and seems to have found strength. The Adobe Air widget Exact Price is showing it to be $1,642.30. The Dollar has been strong and is around 81 so there appears to be a desire of gold to break from its inverse relationship with the dollar. We shall see if this holds over the next week.

Another piece that I think is worth some consideration today is

It’s All Been Done Before on the Dollar Vigilante who begins:

One of the downsides of having government education camps (the school system) “educate” most of us slaves  is that most of us have no clue what occured prior to our own lifetimes.  And what we think we know is incorrect or never happened.

Everything that is currently going on in the US… government “stimulus”, massive deficits, pending bankruptcy and the use of the crisis to institute more government controls and blame the “free market” has already happened twice in the last century in the US.  The following cartoon with the outline of the grand plan was printed in the Chicago Tribune in 1934, just after the first bankruptcy of the US Government in 1933.

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