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January 5, 2012 / Hal (GT)

MF Global continues to create waves.

I’ve been watching for MF Global news for a bit now, and it continues to become clear to me it is one of those turning points in the precious metals arena.

It’s a giant set up to me. And just shows the level of corruption that goes to the top of political and economic echelons. It shows to me how arrogantly the elite views the regular guy on the street.

I’ve posted a bunch of the news and items that relate to gold and silver over at my page: Gold and What Moves it.

But there’s two posts that I think are must reads in relation to MF Global and what the outlook for 2012 could very well be. Both come from Expected Returns:

Happy New Year (LOL)

A Couple Ominous Signs

Both are fairly short and both are worth your time, in my mind.

Right now gold and silver are at $1,622.50 and $29.30 as I look at the Exact Price widget sitting on my desktop.


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