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December 16, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold Contraction OVER?

Good question. If you’ve been watching gold like me with the Exact Price widget you’ve been going, “Wow”.

Finally, the down winds seem to have turned. Gold is at $1,599.60 as we go into the weekend. I would have felt a lot more better if it had cleared $1,600.00 but I’ll take it. It does look like a bottom is in. But next week will tell. It’s definitely been a great buying opportunity for a lot of people. I think what it’s come down to is a liquidity problem for banks and governments, but time will reveal the truth.

That said if you’re not following my curated feed on you’re missing most of the stuff I collect on the subject. Here’s the link:

Gold and What Moves it.

Here are the top items I found today that are worth your time I believe:

Jim Rickards – The US Treasury Shorts the Dollar

Global economy fading fast … and no one’s coming to the rescue this time!

Gold and Money in Extremis… One Man’s Story

More Proof That The Gold Sell-Off Was Manipulated

Gold is Going Nowhere

House passes $1T budget bill, avoids shutdown

Have a great weekend folks.


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