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November 22, 2011 / Hal (GT)

What to make of gold this week?

Have you been watching the spot price of gold the past several weeks? I’ve been doing so with the widget, ExactPrice, and it has been interesting.

There are I some major factors going on at this time when I just scratch my head and go, “why isn’t it exploding to the upside,” when instead it’s being forced down.

In my mind the two big factors are manipulation and lack of trust by investors.

Here’s the top items that are in my mind the must reads this week as we go into the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Lear Capital: Does the Gold Price Make Sense? <- Great points made here.

Late-day Levitation | TF Metals Report <- Be sure to scroll down and read the posted comment that Ferguson highlights.

Insight: Farm belt rage over MF Global could chill markets <- Proof that investors don’t trust the investment system anymore.

Ranting Andy: MF Global – The Beginning of the End of Paper Markets <- More on the scandal.

Did Anyone Really Think the Supercommittee Would Make a Difference? <- I didn’t. This is a great read. Pay attention to the breast implant conversation.

Have a great holiday folks. Be sure to check out my feed for more info on what’s driving the gold market.


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