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November 8, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold get’s it groove going.

Pic of ExactPrice running on my desktop

Yesterday was great for gold. Not so much for silver or platinum. But gold found footing and headed for $1,800 which is struck today not long ago. That has since triggered selling to take profit of that high and of course to stop its progress if only for a brief moment.

Right now the ExactPrice widget has gold at $1,779.70. Though platinum remains positive at $1,666.90. I’m still amazed that it remains under gold.

Italy is the main driver today I think. The market continues to move from headlines and rumors of winds. Things are very emotional if you ask me, which of course speaks volumes to the level of uncertainty in the finance world.

Here’s a few headlines for you to check out. Also, I’ve started using the service to post to as well, so if you prefer that go here: Gold and What Moves it.

Rick Rule – Here is Why You Will See $2,500 Gold <- Via King World News.

The True Intrinsic Value of Euro ‘Money’ <- Great post on the real intrinsic value of fiat currencies.

Stephen Leeb – This Will Drive Silver to $100 Rapidly <- I’m seeing this and other high forecasts like $70. Time will tell. Track it with ExactPrice daily.

Merkel: You Touch-a Our Gold, We Break-a Your Face <- You need to click over to this and see the graph on the interest rates for the Euro countries and how it’s all coming apart.

Gold Tops $1,800 as Italy’s Govt Teeters

Buy the Gold Dips? <- Great analysis.

The more Western central banks pound gold down, the more China buys <- this from Gata is worth a read.

12 Facts About Money And Congress That Are So Outrageous That It Is Hard To Believe That They Are Actually True <- Power corrupts.



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