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September 30, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Carry on Wayward Son. You’re day will come.

I can’t help but think of the Kansas song today. Maybe it’s because I love it. Maybe it’s because carrying on is what we have to do right now in regard to the precious metals market. Again, the fundamentals are still in place, nothing has changed except that debts are growing. And the rise in gold has direct correlation to the rise of debt, particularly sovereign debt.

So you’re best thing to do is keep an eye on gold and silver. May I suggest the ExactPrice widget? Okay. Good. Thanks. 🙂

Jim Sinclair has a list of reasons for why gold and it’s worth a read as anything is from him. Here the start of the list:

  1. Gold is a currency.
  2. Gold is competitive to paper currency.
  3. Gold is not a commodity
  4. Gold is a barometer of fear.

Gold set for strong quarter despite worst month in nearly 3 yrs <- This is in spite of the recent hit it took. So MSM, that ain’t a bubble bursting. In truth it isn’t a bubble to begin with.

Physical silver deliveries backing up as lower prices boost demand <- See, they’re getting physical, physical, let’s get physical….

Hallmark Launches Unemployment Greeting Cards [PHOTOS] <- Someone is expecting to make a killing on these.

Greece May Have to Slash Up to 200,000 Public-Sector Jobs <- That cut is going to cut deep.

Weldon – Here is Where We are Headed After the Recent Smash

Of Revolution and Revolutionaries <- Good stuff from TF Metals, here’s a quote, emphasis added by me. He goes on to deal with the Wall Street Protesters:

First of all, the markets in general. I can’t find a single one I like. The “dots” of impending collapse are everywhere. The challenge is to try to connect them…or at least connect them in a reasonably accurate manner that allows you to move with confidence. In the end, though the global central banks seem to have unlimited fiat with which to prop them up, worldwide equity markets look as if they are perilously close to outright collapse.

Pat Heller: Silver shortages growing and premiums rising <- HT to @vzen.

Negative interest rates from short to long will support metals, Michael Pento says

From Laura Gross’s twitter stream:

#Gold & #silver prices continue to rise in Asia due to seasonal demand –

From Jim Rickards twitter stream:

U.S. Senate starts a carpet bombing campaign in the #CurrencyWars Read the long version here [Currency Wars]

Finger-Tapping As Even German Government Expects Greek Default <- news on the Euro woes and Greece from the Prudent Investor.

POMO…. It’s BAAAAAAAAACK <- from Zero Hedge.

Gold’s Real Price keeps on Climbing

“With the rise in the real price of gold since the Lehman Brothers fiasco kicked off the rise in the real price of gold, we have seen a dramatic rise in the earnings and projected earnings for major mining companies. In case you are thinking the recent decline in the price of gold renders the above-noted projections irrelevant, think again.”

Bernanke Is Setting Up QE3 <- Yep. I think this is a good possibility. Read it and then prepare.

WHY YOUR CITY IS GOING BROKE <- It’s hard not to imagine more pain for cities across the nation.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Just came across this video as I was meandering around the net.

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”


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