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September 10, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold remains the safer zone.

Well, if you were tracking gold with me this past week you would have seen a number of take downs by what looked to me like an orchestrated attack on gold by the central banker and those beholding to them. I’ve been tracking gold and silver for a number of years now with the widget from Lear Capital, ExactPrice, and I’ve seen the take downs a number of times. The other thing I’ve witnessed is that gold doesn’t stay down. It just gets stronger.

I expect the same in the coming month.

Here are a number of items I’ve culled that I think are worth checking out. The first is a worthy youtube view from BrotherJohnF on the markets, silver, gold, the government, the coming currency wars. It’s long, but I’ve been listening to him while picking out things for you to check out in our endeavors to track the action of the precious metals market.

Gold Price is a Measure of Dollar’s Debasement <- The charts here are pretty good.

The next two links are from the TF Metals Report and need to be read:

The PAGE Is Turning and More on PAGE

The Coming Currency Crisis <- a blast from the past from Doug Casey.

Why Concentration in Gold and Silver Assets Will Continue to Trump Diversification as an Investment Strategy

Marc Faber – “I Totally Disagree With Paul Krugman” <- As do I.

The Obama Jobs Plan: 10 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Joke

Finally, if you see nothing else on this post, see this pictorial walk of Ground Zero ten years later:

Ground Zero September 10, 2011


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