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July 20, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Shallow and short.

That seems to be the common reaction to sell offs in gold of late. The sell off after new highs are becoming more shallow and last less long than they have in the past. My opinion on why is because the curtain of govs and powers that be are being pulled back and in fact set aflame.

Right now the free real time widget ExactPrice on my desktop shows gold flirting again with the $1,600 mark at $1,597.10. Silver is at $39.78.

I’ve got a number of links for you but you must make it down the page to the video if you do nothing else today.

The Mother of all Bull Markets <- Long interview with Peter Grandich.

Mike the war in America coming is not going to be overseas it’s going to be internally, it’s going to be a war of classes.

Peter Schiff – Silver Will Eventually Trade Over $200 <- from KingWorldNews. If that’s true can you imagine where gold will be?

Printing money is Europe’s only way out <- Right… This can only be good for gold.

Hathaway – Gold Breakout & Subsequent Trading Encouraging <- from KingWorldNews.

Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver daily has some interesting comments on yesterday’s action along with some great links. Click here to head over. Here’s a snippet:

This big bear raid on both silver and gold occurred after the cut-off for tomorrow’s Commitment of Traders report…so none of this will appear in Friday’s data.  This is not the first time this has happened…and both Ted Butler and I feel that this was deliberate.

Same Old, Same Old… <- Jim Sinclair feels the same way I do about the debt ceiling debate and USA’s chance of default.

The Collapse of Socialism <- Moses Kim’s posts of late have had some exceptional thoughts and arguments. If I were you I would book mark his site.

China FX custodian wants world to think it won’t buy much gold, silver, oil <- well of course they don’t. They want to buy low!

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – La Douleur du Monde – Comex Options <- Jesse’s Cafe American reminds us again that options expiration is next week.

4 Reasons Why Silver Should be in Your Portfolio <- Some good reasons.

Three Reasons Gold Will Continue on Strong Upward Trajectory <- Just three? I will say that I disagree with point number three. But only because of his statement about debt. It’s the world debt that is a primary driver and the US debt is part of that.

Gold in Rain or Shine <- Global factors keeping it going.

Check this video out — Silver Update 71811 Caught in the act <- This is extremely interesting on the apparent manipulation going on in the COMEX. Thanks to Twitter friend JervisCapital.



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