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July 8, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Either Way. Gold Wins.

Today is one of those days when I look at the graph in the free ExactPrice widget and go, “Yup. The proof is in the pudding.” Or in this case the graph I see continued proof that in light of the world economies, the bull run for gold is not finished yet. Indeed, my opinion based up the moves our government is making in the political game of grenade tennis with the debt ceiling, is that we are going to see Jim Sinclair’s $1650 magnet this year.

This the first place I suggest you stop and read today on your click through as it is where I get my post title: Lear Capital: Gold Breakout! When? <- it’s on the debt ceiling hot potato issue.

Dines – Now Predicts Silver to Reach $300 – $500 an Ounce <- Next stop courtesy of Laura Gross in my twitter feed.

Italy and Spain rocked by fears of spreading debt ‘contagion’ <- Hat tip to @fuTuRe_sHOcK.

High quality gold deposits becoming more precious <- in another word, scarce. I found this quote from Monty Guild on Jim Sinclair’s siteinteresting:

It seems very reasonable to assume that all future sales of government commodities, food, oil or gold, will be met with bids far in excess of the quantity for sale.

I discovered this article on Jim’s site as well: India to import 350 tons of gold, 1200 tons of silver

I hate to send you again to Jim’s site because it’s seems like all I’m doing is copying him today but he’s on fire today and this particular post is a MUST read as well and fits with the thoughts of David Engstromin the first article link above: The Die Is Cast.

Three Years On and Things Are Only Getting Worse <- Turd Ferguson and his short take on stuff today.

ECB debt move suggests Eurozone crisis worsening. Are gold or silver the answer? <- Ummmm… It would seem some folks think so.

U.S. Greater Depression Accelerates <- Good read.

Central banks pull most gold in a decade from BIS <- Via GATA. Oh. Hmmm. I wonder what that means.

Gold gains an average of 3.4% on currencies in first half of 2011 <- more from GATA

Trichet, ECB Raise Interest Rates Again

Swiss parliament to discuss gold franc as parallel currency <- More from GATA. This should be really telling don’t you think.

Why Stocks Won’t Crash <- ExpectReturns is always a good read.

Gold Chart update and comments <- This comment from Trader Dan I think sums things up rather well:

Methinks I hear the sound of the QE horses neighing in the barn to be released.

Pictures From a Non-Farm Payrolls Report – There Is No Such Thing As ‘Free Trade’ <- Another mover of gold.

Unemployment Rises To 9.2. – Video Of Rubio: ‘We Don’t Need New Taxes, We Need New Taxpayers’ <- Hmm… Maybe we should start a campaign for pregnancy.



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