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June 21, 2011 / Hal (GT)

China. China. China.

This week is proving to be as interesting as I thought it would. ExactPrice right now is showing gold at $1,547.20 and is being kept from $1,500 but I would not be surprised to see it trade over night in over that mark. Silver is $36.44.

I’ve got a lot of links for you to consider today. As the title says, China really popped up a lot to me today. They continue to be the country that I think has a long term plan to squire the yellow metal in a big way.

This is a great short history that I think should be top of you reading today: Lear Capital: China – The Game Changer For Gold

PBOC issues more commemorative coins to meet soaring demands <- Peoples Bank of China.

Richard Russell – Chinese Billionaires Buying Gold & Diamonds

Purple Crayon: Buy Silver <- Video from trader. Found via Peter Grandich. Covers markets. Interesting.

Pierre Lassonde – Don’t Panic, Buy Some Quality Gold Stocks <- This caught my attention:

And China, the command economy, will continue to grow at 7 to 10% until they have a major hiccup in their banking system which is sure to happen but no one knows when.

The Great Gold Nugget Scam <- Couple of items here worth a look and consideration as the gold bull continues to run.

Russia to Reduce U.S. Debt Holdings <- Do you suppose that decision is a result of their meetings with China?

QE2 was nothing more (or less) than another European bank rescue operation! <- On Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Daily.

Turd Makes A Move <- Some worthy thoughts from Turd Ferguson here on Gold and Fed and Greece.

Gold gains, U.S. debt woes “Far exceed Europe’s” as “High Noon” approaches

Is Gold Flying Under the Radar? <- That’s a Roger.

Indian Gold And Silver Imports Surge By Stunning 500% In May <- Cough, cough. Shazaam!

U.S. Government Totalitarian Creep Continues Plus QE3 All But Assured <- More on the CMC decision.

Man mines diamonds from New York City sidewalks <- Odd and Interesting news item.

Workers build a footpath around the vertiginous slopes of Shifou Mountain in China <- Speaking of odd and interesting and China.


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