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June 20, 2011 / Hal (GT)

What a swing.

It’s early. All I’ve done so far this morning is look at the graph and but WOW. Asia buying of gold and silver last night popped the price and then over night things began to slide down into this mornings Comex open and then bang. Both metals screamed up in a matter of moments. Then some time passed and the sell off was just as violent. What gives? Typical stuff I do believe in a week going into options expiration combined with seasonal moves.

Greece still weighs heavy against the economic structures around the world. Uncertainty is the by word this week I think things will be fun to watch in the gold and silver markets.

CMC Provides Update On Why It Is Halting Gold And Silver Futures Products <- Story definitely worth following.

US Seeks to Curtail OTC Highly Leveraged Retail Trading in Paper Commodities and Currencies <- some reading on the CMC issue.

I saw this in Laura Gross’stwitter feed over the weekend and it’s worth looking at: Dow/Gold Ratio Update

Check out what KingWorldNews posted this morn: Turk – Confidence in Fiat Currencies is Beginning to Collapse

London Mayor To Greece: Drop Dead <- See’s threat to Euro.

Exploding six “Gold Bubble” myths <- worthy read.

KWN Special: Jim Sinclair & Dan Norcini <- definitely worth listening to.

Is it Time to Sell U.S. Treasuries? <- Good short read. Loved this quote:

If you follow the markets day by day, you realize how schizophrenic people are.

China issues more gold and silver coins to meet soaring demand


12 Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now <- I like odd things and so I found the blog post interesting. Also, interesting is that one of the 12 things is the gold CMC item I started the post with.


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