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June 7, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Highs and lows and the summer winds.

You hot out there? Winds are warm and sassy today where I’m counting pebbles.

It’s the summer time and in general the precious metals market finds itself in the doldrums. Though I remain thoughtful that the market may move earlier than normal, but don’t hold me to that, it’s just the straw I’m currently chewing on as I pull out my pen knife and go to work on my lovely piece of wood.

That said, the last two day’s I’ve had to depend mostly on my smart phone and the web address to keep an eye on the market spot prices. I’m under the weather with a summer cold that is playing havoc in my breathing tube and have had to be away from my desk on other matters.

Currently the desktop Adobe Air App shows gold at $1,539.40 and silver at $36.85 (moving off it’s morning low nicely at the moment).

There’s one thing I think worth paying close attention too that I read this morning on Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Daily. He quotes Ted Butler on the High Frequency Trading going on in the silver market.

Silver – 4 hour chart update <- good info from Trader Dan. See also: 4 Hour Gold Chart – update at 10:30 AM C

This article on USA Today is really something: U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions.

I’d say this is a must read on KingWorldNews: Jim Sinclair – Gold to Exceed $12,500 to Balance US Debt.

Gold Video of the Day: Who Owns the Gold in Ft. Knox?

Jesse’s Café Américain: How Much Gold Does the US Have In Its Reserves?

Open Letter to Ron Paul <- Also on the gold the USA has or doesn’t have.

Well, that’s all I have today. Pretty short. Which we’re all thankful for I am sure 😉

Until next time.


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