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May 25, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Silver says, ‘I ain’t going nowhere.’

Man, are you watching Silver this week? Keep your eyes on the spot price with me. Use the desktop widget ExactPrice and don’t miss the action. It’s been real interesting to me and I’m starting to think that we may see the summer doldrums end early this year.

Right now Silver is $37.89. Gold is a healthy $1,526.10.

Here’s the links I came across today that just get one thinking about the future.

Michael Pento – “You Better Have Your Crash Helmet On” <- Concerning the Fed’s QE plans past and present and some advice on gold.

Food Prices Rise on Higher Wholesale Costs <- Cough…inflation…cough, cough. HT to Laura Gross

Lawmakers alert watchdog on LME warehousers <- know ain’t that interesting.

Ed Steer’s Gold & Silver Daily <- has a host of great links and info today. I found this particular nugget interesting considering silver yesterday:

Silver’s net volume yesterday was just under 70,000…which was more than double the volume from Monday.  But, considering the price action, this should come as no surprise, I suppose.  The preliminary open interest number was a surprisingly small 3,057 contracts.  Could yesterday’s price action have involved some short covering?

Import Inflation Inferno Hits US Consumers <- Coming to a pocketbook near you.

Court Orders New Jersey to Increase Aid to Schools <- This sort of thing doesn’t bode well for the future of America, at least in my simple mind.

Along the Watchtower: The Empty Suits (updated) <- I had to laugh at this comment:

While we’re at it, maybe Congress can vote to “contain” hurricanes and earthquakes, too. Ridiculous.

How the Fed Destroyed American Wealth and Families <- The big lie.

$67 billion in vacation days, out the window <- I think most American’s fear losing their jobs.

Presenting The Fed’s Logo: “Making It Harder To Feed Your Family For 98 Years And Counting” <- Hat tip from Graham Jervis.

Where should the gold/silver ratio really be?

“Disappointing” 0% U.K. GDP growth for six months

Fed’s Bullard gives Commodity Rally the Green Light – Goldman helps out – From Trader Dan


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