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May 19, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Weak tug of war in gold spot today.

Well, at least that’s my first impression as I finally sit down to my well worn wooden desk for the first time today and check out today’s graph of the gold action on Exact Price. Man, some meetings can go on for an eternity. But then some people like to hear themselves chatter.

Are gold and silver poised for another take-off? – in my personal opinion they are on the runway. Just a matter of time before take off.

Worth a look at: Grandich Interview and Gold Comment

Rick Rule – Massive Gold & Silver Demand Out of India – India and China are, in my personal opinion, the drivers in the seat long term on these metals.

In The News Today – by Jim Sinclair highlights two news items that show the oxymoronic condition of our government.

These are some interesting thoughts from Jim Sinclair: The View From The Bridge

Some might call this chart-porn: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

Worthy read: Why Gold and Silver May Have Bottomed

Mainland China’s private demand to Buy Gold just keeps trending higher… China citizens understand precious metal currency.

Which Countries are Leading the Way? – definitely food for thought here. Why is that our “economic masters” continue in the opposite direction boggles my mind.

Gold is moving from West to East and the demand is still growing

China Central Bank Lays It Down: “New IMF Leadership Should Reflect New World Order” – does that scare you? It does me.


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