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April 28, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold and Silver hear more inflation from lips of Bernanke.

Yesterday’s talk from Ben Bernanke essentially telegraphed higher inflation being mixed into the meal all of us are going to have to eat and somehow pay for.

To that regard, had you been watching like me with the Adobe Air desktop app, you would have seen the fuse lit under gold and silver.

Right now gold is at $1,535.80 and Silver is at $48.54.

Here are the news items I’ve tripped across today that I think are worth considering in these economic times.

5 reasons why inflation is on the rise – found via @JonChevreau

Amazon packing after South Carolina tax vote

Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are ‘running out of money’

Bernanke’s Press Conference, August 1, 2012 – This was hilarious.

If You Are Against Raising The Debt Ceiling You Are Part Of Al-Qaeda? – I think politicians have jumped the shark.

Central Banks still not selling any gold, Russia and Bolivia increase holdings – Are you surprised? I’m not.

Housing Crash 2.0 Is Accelerating

Are You Smart Money? – This is funny as well, plus there are some great graphs here.

From Jim Sinclair: Ballistic Time For Gold! $1650 is out there now pulling like the dickens on gold’s price.

KingWorldNews: Chris Whalen – Fed Halting Bond Purchases Equals Big Problems

Another problem with paper money – TERMITES! – Another humorous item for today!

KingWorldNews: James Turk – The Waterfall Decline in the US Dollar Has Begun


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