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March 24, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold and Silver hit by ringside folding chair today.

What a day. It’s one of those days where you’re playing around in the ring and entertaining the folks, winning against the masked man and then one of his henchman sneaks up behind you and BAAM!

You take a folding chair to the side of the head.

That’s my take on the gold and silver moves today. If you were watching in real time with the free desktop app, Exact Price, than your eyeballs were probably popping this morn. But when 1 o’clock rolled around the chair came flying in to view.

Here are the links that are outstanding in covering this issue today:

Along the Watchtower has two posts on it today and they are well worth your time to read:

Trying…(already updated)(again) and The BS PM “market”

From Trader Dan a similar analysis: 8 Hour Gold Update – 2:30 PM CDT and also a must read from him is, Why Central Banks of the West hate Gold

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Blythe Does the Expected – From Jesse’s Cafe another opinion on today’s actions.

And Like Clockwork, CME Hikes Silver Margins Halting Surge – the smoking gun.

Here’s a very interesting video I found worth watching:

US Finances Rank Near Worst in the World: Study – You don’t say?

Portugal Said to Need as Much as $99 Billion in Bailout – I guess when you kick the can down the road it gets bigger.

Lear Capital: Will Rising Rates Skyrocket the Gold Price? History says YES!

That’s it for today. I’m seeing gold pop right now a bit back to $1,434.50.

Oh, here’s a fascinating video on mining silver and gold, unfortunately I can’t remember how I came by it today to give credit:


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