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March 16, 2011 / Hal (GT)

You’re probably wondering what happened to push gold and silver down today.

Well, I know, I know. All day today (while my Internet was down to a faulty modem) I pulled up Lear Capital’s real time feed on my smart phone ( )and watched the sell-off too. Of course now that I’ve got a new modem and my net is flying, I’m playing catch up and watching gold with Exact Price.

So what happened? Liquidity needs mostly I think. And I was talking late last night with a buddy and told him I expected to see that happen.

But some smarter folk than I thought the same thing:

Via Twitter: @JamesGRickards Jim Rickards: Distressed stock players may sell #gold to raise cash. Smart money may wait; buy gold on a dip. So gold may trade down before super-spike
@JamesGRickards Jim Rickards: @Charles_Mackay #Gold is going much higher on fundamentals. I only point out that it could dip on liquidity driven technicals.

Gold Action Explained: Love Jim Sinclair’s analogy. Made me laugh.

Patience – good analysis I think.

Okay. Hang on folks and be in prayer for the people of Japan.


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