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March 11, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Precious metals, say, “Oh, Yeah?!!” to bears today.

Watching today with Exact Price, I couldn’t help but think that was what gold and silver were saying to the bears today. Particularly silver.

Gold right now is $1,422.50. Silver $35.99.

Of course the news today has all been on Japan, and rightly so. The events taking place there right now are tragic and my prayers go out to them. What a fearful thing. I see too a volcano has erupted in Indonesia.

I am going to try and whittle down the links I’ve collected to just a few.

Tsunami sweeps away certainty for the world’s third biggest economy <- That is probably an understatement

Shaky Friday

Lying In Wait

Silver Chart update

Jim Sinclair – Gold Explosion, Oil $150 to $200, Continued QE – Listen to the Interview here.

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Blythe Strikes Back – Mechanics of a Bear Raid

USD1700 New Gold Parabolic Projection

Have a great weekend folk and tell those you love, that you really do love them.


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