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February 22, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold and Silver take a trip up the charts yesterday.

Yesterday was quite the day to watch with gold and silver moving up the chart on President’s day when the markets in the US were closed. That might should tell us something. I’m just saying.

Anyway, right now ExactPrice is showing gold at $1,401.00 down from the high yesterday but not by much. And as this is option expiration week well, things could get interesting.

Looking at the host of links I have, I don’t know what to shed and not share. The overall picture I have of the world right now is one on a precipice. Things could become very interesting.

There was another murder of a police officer in my home city. Discontent may not have been a motivation but I tend to get a growing sense that a lot of it arises over the economic situations so many find themselves in and that in no way is an excuse, just an observation.

Anyway, we see the discontent in Wisconsin right now with politicians refusing to do their duty and now it seems to be spreading to Indiana:

Indiana Democrats trigger Statehouse showdown over anti-union legislation <- what is with this run and hide mentality. It’s childish.

Protests, Riots, and Gold <- I’m not the only one thinking about all this stuff.

Wal-Mart domestic sales dip again, shares down

December home prices slip for 6th straight month

Federal, state and local debt exceeds size of entire economy

Bank Run: South Korea Suspends Four Savings Banks for Six Months in Liquidity Crunch <- one wonders how long before something like this takes place here.

America is Broke <- well, maybe an answer here.

This tweet is worth viewing from PrudentInvestor:

RT @Goldtwatter#Mercenaries New shocking #video of Bahrain Army shooting protesters with automatic guns

53 Word G-20 Sentence Takes 3 Days to Produce; No One Knows What the Sentence Means; Deft Diplomacy or Deft Idiocy?

Silver Investing Hits “Irrational Exuberance” as Price Swings 5.4%

Embry – Short Squeeze in Silver, Manipulators Getting Overrun

Fractal analysis suggests silver to reach $52 – $56 by May – June this year

Gold at $1400 again, silver at 31 year high. Where next?

Silver to scale new highs in India

Lear Capital: What Happened to Gold Below $1300?

Chinese Demand For Gold Surges To Around 25% Global Production said Robert Lenzner of Forbes

Short Commentary on gold and today’s events and gold chart <- worth a read


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