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February 18, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Silver goes all Shazaam.

I just can’t help but keep glancing at the ExactPrice widget in the corner on my desktop as I watch the fuse get lit under silver today.

I’m going to be curious how this will have effected JPMorgan and company with there shorts getting squeezed. My guess is they’ve still got some unseen pieces to move but time will tell.

It seems that the media today is full of a mining car size of news items that are worth considering as we all try to research and figure out what it coming next.

China and Treasury International Capital Flows <- speaking of trying to figure out what’s coming next. From Trader Dan:

One of the idiosyncracies of the rather obscure at times Treasury International Capital flows data is that when reporting on the number of Treasuries purportedly being held by foreign nations, the data is taken from the country in which the transaction is actually conducted and not necessarily the country of origin behind the purchase.

European Sovereign Debt Crisis Deepening – Risk of Contagion and Bond Market Crash <- hat tip to Laura Gross

Gold In A Bubble? And Other Irritations – Like Obama’s Budget…

Pace of US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Ahead of Last Year <- This shear fact should give folks a big clue.

Via GATA -> Alix Steel: A Chinese gold standard?

The Media Doesn’t Understand The Labor Participation Rate <- I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t exactly shock me.

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts <- Great charting at JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN and he reminds us that options expiration for March is next week.

Silver Breakout

Gold Demand: India & China Jump to Unbelievable New Records

Bankruptcy of Borders Darkens ‘Recovery’ Story

Mike Krieger On The Latest Upcoming US Fad: “Serf Size Me” :

An evil deed does not produce its results at once.
It smolders slowly, like a fire covered by ashes,
And finally consumes its doer the fool.

Another Anti-Gold Article, This Time From MarketWatch <- And it continues to climb in spite of such silliness.

James Turk – Short Squeeze in Silver Could Be the Big One <- If for nothing else, click over for the picture 😀

Lear Capital: What’s In Store For Gold When Stimulus Runs Out? <-Excellent question

Inflation’s First Phase

Emerging market central banks become large buyers of gold – WGC

Gold Confiscation Chatter once again <- Trader Dan gave me some interesting things to think about here. As well as here: Daily Gold Chart and Market Comments

Okay. That’s it for today. Yeah. A lot.

Gold right now is at $1,384.10 looking at the widget. Silver is $31.67. Remember we are in a time where volatility is in play so keep an eye on it.


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