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February 15, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold and Silver take nice beat to upside.

Can you hear the music? The music of a bull market on the cusp of Spring time exuberance? I’m starting to hear it. But than a lot of things go on inside my head that others don’t seem to grasp. 😉

Watching the app on the desktop today was good for me. I don’t know about you.

Seems the fear of inflation in global markets and I dare say a bit of fear over the U.S. budget gave gold and silver a kick today.

Here’s the links I came across today in my reading of news around the net.

In not particular order other than what crossed my watery-cold-suffering eyes first:

Diminishing role of the US dollar « Korelin Economics Report < short interview with Peter Grandich whom I recommend listening too.

UK Inflation Surges to 4%, Highest Since Nov. 2008

Lear Capital: Is Silver Set to Go Stratospheric?

Richard Russell – Possibility of Gold Breaking to New Highs

London Source – Asians Buying SLV to Take Delivery of Silver

Must Watch Video – Peter Grandich point to three must watch video interviews on BNN with Al Simpson. Good stuff.

My Morning Funnies – CNBC battle of the talking heads. Great stuff.

Housing Crash Bites Deeper; Economic Reality Trumps “It’s Different Here”; Unprecedented Double-Dip

Obama’s Fairy Tale Budget Projections

Largest bond fund, Pimco, cuts US government holdings

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – another post from Peter Grandich who was on fire today. 🙂

Gold up on Chinese inflation, dollar

Federal Debt now reaches 100% of GDP

History, QE and financial turmoil point to continuing gold strength

That’s it until next time.


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