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February 11, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold down on Egyptian news? Really?

Yeah. That seems to be the flavor of things today. Good spike in the spot price only to head lower the rest of the day. Looking at the widget on my desktop from Lear Capital, I’d say that it really wasn’t that much of a loss. Right now it’s down only $5 verses where it was 24hours ago. And that ain’t a take down. Just a slow day.

Okay. I’ve got a basket load of links to pass on to you before I checkout for the weekend. So let’s get in line at the cash register before the prices rise any further on this food stuff for the economic mind.

IMF Calls for Dollar Alternative <- not exactly “new” news but I think it’s just another shot across the bow of the dollar as it steams toward the iceberg ahead.

Scotiabank to sell gold to consumers in Mexico, Dubai <- thanks to the always informative @lmgross for the heads up.

Treasury Announces $49.8 Billion January Deficit <- surprised? Um… Not really.

Exclusive: Interview With Eric Sprott on Zero Hedge <- worthy read.

Robin Griffiths interview on KingWorldNews <- I think @lmgross also pointed this out.

No wonder Vietnam can never get enough gold

Dutch pension fund ordered by central bank to sell gold <- say what?! This is suspicious to me and more detail is needed as this plays out. I’ll try to keep an eye open for more news.

China stands behind resource-rich Zimbabwe: foreign minister <- Nothing to see, here. Move along…. yeah right! China continues to feed its desires for things in the earth.

Asian Tigers Leading Global Demand for More Gold <- See!!

Ron Paul Says Next US Crash Will Be Comparable To That Of Soviet Union, Claims QE2 Is “Total Failure” And Fed Is A “Central Planning Cartel” <- It’s amazing to me that they let Ron Paul into DC. Go get’em Ron!

Ted Butler Commentary: THE RAREST EARTH <- Silver! Silver! and I ain’t talking about the Loan Ranger’s four footed ride.

Recessions since Great Depression <- This is an interesting rundown for you historically minded folk.

Lear Capital: China Wants all the Gold – and They’re Getting It! <- Yep. They sure are.

China May Increase its Gold Holdings Beyond Ft Knox Level

Turk – Silver Backwardation for Years, Possible Hyperinflation

That’s it folks.

Until next week! Be safe. Be smart. And above all, take a deep breath and find some time this weekend to just breathe and be thankful for who and what you have.


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