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February 9, 2011 / Hal (GT)

The news today in the golden realm.

Okay well, I’ve been trolling through my feeds and tracking things that relate to gold and silver. Right now the spot price on both those is coming in at $1,362.70 and $30.13.

I’ve got a lot of links for you today. Let’s start with a video:

JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN has some great things: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts and Updated Money Supply Figures: Dude, Still No Deflation

This Statement From Obama Is RIGHT Out Of “Atlas Shrugged”

Mythology & Official Nonsense – this a longish piece but full of some interesting things from Dr. Jim Willie. Here is a piece from the opening paragraph to give you a bit of the flavor:

The financial sector and politicians seem unable to stop showing deep reverence for the post, even licking the Chairman’s boots whenever he appears before the USCongress. Recent hints of contempt in WashingtonDC are encouraging. He has not made a single correct forecast on major items. The USFed in short has lost control. See the rising bond yields, which torpedo the housing ship, badly listing as a derelict vessel. The USFed seems thoroughly content to rescue the big US banks, whose wretched condition cannot possibly be rectified, even if such a rescue results in global price inflation and revolts. The decision made after recognition that a recent QE chapter has failed is clearly to repeat it. When QE2 is exhausted or deemed a failure, expect QE3 at the doorstep. This behavior exhibits insanity.


Gold bars run short in Emirates as price retreats – really?! Hmmm… That’s very interesting.

Black January for gold and silver…February however looks good

China to Add Staggering 5,042 Tons of Gold for 10% Reserves

Robin Griffiths – China’s Gold Reserves to Rise From 2% to 10%

Lear Capital: Gold is as Good as Cash

From the must follow Jim Rickards:

#Fed sweeps private sector into the “systemically important” roach motel Too bad they don’t understand risk at all”

Dollar Extends Drop after Bernanke’s Testimony

Jet Loaded with Millions in Gold and Cash Seized by Congolese Authorities Linked to Texas Philanthropist

Costs and exploration the big issues for gold miners

Analysis: Forcing ‘haircuts’ on Irish bank senior debt could cause bank run

Consumers are borrowing again: is that a good thing? – if you’ll recall, this was my supposition yesterday.


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