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February 8, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Precious metals launch today.

Were you tracking the precious metals this morning with the ExactPrice app? Wow. You would have seen what happened when the news of China’s interest rate hike hit.

You can read more about it from Trader Dan’s analysis: Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan.

Check out this chart showing the number of underwater mortgages in the USA today. It’s scary: Chart: Owing more than home is worth

Meet the rational gold investor, a rare bird

This is not what I call good news: US credit card usage rise for first time since August 2008

Lear Capital: U.S. Brush with Debt Could Send Gold to the Moon

KWN Source – Expect Massive Chinese Gold Buying Using GLD <- China is hungry for the metal

Headwinds to Stall Economy

Chinese Gold Demand and Changing Paradigms

Silver Could Spike to $50 Based on Short Positions That Need To Be Bought Back

Job openings fall for a second month

The Youth Unemployment Bomb – via @MikeCane

J.P. Morgan Will Accept Gold as Type of Collateral – via @MikeCane

Right now gold is down from it’s high of the day. As I look at the widget it’s $1,362.90. Silver also is over the thirty dollar mark at $30.36.

I’ll be watching tomorrow. Will you? 😉


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