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January 24, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold volatility continues.

We are in the swing of things and bull is bucking today. Gold went up over night as I look at the graph in the ExactPrice app. But it has since been hammered back down and then some. Silver with it.

We are in a volatile market right now and things are consolidating, but most still see a bull trend in the long term.

I’m only going to leave you with one link to read today, mostly because I like what David Engstrom had to write.

Lear Capital: To Buy or Not to Buy – Gold is the Question

Here’s a snippet:

Today, reports abound saying we are in recovery.  And to what do we attribute this miracle?  You got it!  RISING DEBT!  Our Federal Government is bursting with more than $14 trillion of debt as it attempts to borrow our way out of a credit crisis.

It’s financial insanity to acknowledge debt burst the dotcom bubble, the tech bubble, the real estate bubble, the market bubble, then believe more debt can re-inflate all of those bubbles and the economy.  It’s like trying to bail out a ship from the bottom of the ocean.

Click over and read the full thing. It’s short.


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