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January 20, 2011 / Hal (GT)

Gold continues in consolidation mode for the week.

It’s hump day. And gold bulls and bears have been circling each other. Though trend wise gold has been eking up off of recent lows.

Right now the desktop app I use (ExactPrice) shows gold trading at $1,3 68.60. Silver is the loser for the day (which is odd given some news I’ll give you below) at $28.72. Platinum is at $1,838.00.

For the last 30 days, platinum has been the winner.

Okay. The first link is the one I related above.

SLV ETF Shows 4.9 Million Ounce Withdrawal – This is an amazing amount and the month is not even over.

Brace for a ‘perfect storm’ in gold – A storm of gold could really hurt.

Rick Santelli: CNBC’s Business News On-Air Editor – KingWorldNews interviews Rick and it’s worth the time to listen.

Gold stocks “to blow the roof off this year” – Embry

Why this market rally will end in tears – great article, here’s a snippet:

[2003-07] was a classic bear market rally, and it ended in tears because what drove the market upward was phony wealth generated by a non-productive asset called housing alongside widespread financial engineering, which triggered a wave of artificial paper profits.

A Note From Alf Fields – to Jim Sinclair which Jim posts. Great graphs and interesting analysis.

The 7 things you’re paying more for than you think – Great article from Jennifer Waters. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling most of these in my pocketbook.

Until next time!


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