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November 29, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Ireland falls… I mean get’s bailed out.

The news this morning was that Ireland worked out a bailout deal and I have to say that I believe that to be a mistake. Nations are selling the souls of their citizens. Or at least I think that’s what the distant sound is that I am hearing.

That said, checking the real time gold app shows gold right now up at $1,365. 60. Silver is also up at $27.09. Those two wealth metals are positive for a reason.

Here are some items worth considering today:

Ireland Is Not Iceland via @lmgross

Laura also twittered this item Millions cashless in bank glitch

Richard Russell – Stocks Repeating 1930, Gold Building Base

Rob McEwen – Gold Mania, Then a Re-Writing of the System

John Embry – There Will Be a Mania in Gold & Silver Shares

People’s Bank of China Researcher Calls on U.S. to Sell Gold

The Dynamics Of A Currency War

Black Friday retail sales edged up only 0.3%

Gold imports jump in India

How has gold been faring in non-dollar terms – and where next?

Keep your eyes on the lookout this week. Could get interesting.


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