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November 19, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Gold regains some ground.

But silver may be the one who really is shining this week. Right now the app on my desktop is reporting the real time quote on silver’s spot price to be $27.23. Which is a good recovery of where it has been this week. Gold too, has recovered some of its weight and is at $1,352.80 right now.

Keep in mind that next week is option expiration so it should prove interesting to watch the market.

That said, I’ve quite the collection of links to close Friday off. In no particular order of priority today, except to get it out there and for me to hit the weekend road 😉

CHART SHOCK: The REAL Unemployment Rate Is 22%


China Move Could Counter Fed’s Efforts– let the chess games continue.

A Closer Look At FDIC Bank Closures

Need your blood boiling this weekend? Try this: 12 Infuriating Facts About How Much Federal Employees Make

Jim Sinclair – This is Late 1979, Gold Will Rise Violently

High prices be damned, gold buying spurts in India

Is the Silver Correction Over?

“Silver coins are selling at a record pace as investors – especially in the US – seek to limit their exposure to the dollar.”

James Turk – Delta-Hedging to Cause Gold Price to Explode

China’s gold consumption to rise 4% to 430 tons in 2010 – I bet it’ll be more than that.

Bernanke Claims QE II will Create 700,000 to 1 Million Jobs; Where? Mexico, Peru, China

Bernanke Seeks New “International Monetary System”, Accuses China of Currency Intervention, Warns of Rising Unemployment and “End of Tepid US Recovery – is anyone’s else head spinning from all this?

Dutch govt. to axe 10,000 military jobs in austerity drive – Contagion continues to spread in Europe.

Obama praises Portugal’s deficit, debt reduction plan – by far the funniest headline I’ve seen this week.

Ireland Crisis Might Give China Break It Seeks: Simon Johnson ht to @MikeCane

Okay folks. See next week.


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