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November 5, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Gold surges on QE2 and Uncertainty.

Are you watching what gold and silver have been doing today. If not grab the free desktop app that tracks them in real time here: ExactPrice.

Gold right now is clocking in at $1,388.00. Silver at $26.22.

I’m only going to give you one item to go and read today because it says a lot and tells me that we may be in for a hard awakening.

McRib, Fed Decision, and Price of Gold

Here’s the opening few paragraphs. There are graphs as well.

You’d think the introduction of at least $600 billion by the Federal Reserve would be a hot search topic for Americans trying to protect the currency in their pockets.

A visual summary of yesterday’s “hot” Google search trends suggests otherwise.

The news that McDonalds will be reintroducing McRib generated massive search volume. The following charts illustrate how the McRib news dwarfed both the Fed’s Decision and Price of Gold queries.


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