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November 2, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Election and FED week wonders.

It’s that time in the American culture when the TV and the phones are going non-stop with people wanting you to vote for them.

Just think, in a matter of hours it will come to an end and the silence will be sweet…. Okay, maybe not so sweet for the lawyers, the news casters, and the disenfranchised will be the next wave.

Right now the free web app for tracking gold and silver spot prices in real time, ExactPrice, is checking in at $1,354.90 and $24.80.

So essentially they are both up over yesterday. But the movement to me is not all that impressive. But it is the election day and there is a lot of breath holding in relation to the FED talk coming up.

Here’s my links of choice for today.

Gene Arensberg: Lust for silver returning

KWN Source Says Asians to Squeeze Silver Shorts

Robin Griffiths – Exponential Move in Gold & Silver

The MissTrade Daily – Some other good links, where you will find you’re truly as well.

Clue to Rare Earths Standoff – scroll down when you get there. Though the other stuff is pretty interesting too, this was very interesting to me.

Lear Capital: Too Late To Buy Gold? Take the Quiz!

Monthly Gold Charts From Trader Dan

U.S. home prices expected to slide another 8%

Currency war goes covert – Parity with Australia? Oh my.

The Future Of Quantitative Easing

The Utility of Gold – great post by Jim Sinclair

New era for gold as trust in fiat currencies diminishes

Okay. That’s it for today. Go vote.


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