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October 30, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Nice strong close for Silver and Gold

I was real pleased to the app on my desktop show the closing spot for gold at $1,360.10 and silver at $24.74.

That was a good strong move for both metals and I have to say that silver really has been looking good.

Next week is a huge question on everyone’s mind. What will the elections Tuesday do to the markets and what will be the result of QE2?

I’m not sure what it will mean in the short term, but my long term feeling continues to be that it is going to continue up for the foreseeable future.

Here are the news items and commentaries that I think are worth our time today:

“A Business Model Based On Fraud” -new video.

Vietnam bans banks from selling customer gold for loans – Consider what this means people.

How Gold is Beating Bonds

Dire Warnings for States: 2011 Will be Painful

Chris Powell: Piercing the mystery of the gold market – must read.

IMF’s gold sales rose sharply in September – seems to me that whenever this type of news comes out the price of gold goes higher shortly there after. So I am curious to see where things go in the next two weeks.

The Fed Dilemma and Gold – a must read.

Is the Gold Correction Over? – another must read.

The Food Crisis Of 2011

For those of you with web-enabled mobile devices bookmark this web address:

That way you can always look up what gold and silver and even platinum are doing right then and there.


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