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October 23, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Ho Hum day for Gold. But that ain’t bad.

Today the precious metals closed up over the last day. That’s a good thing but it wasn’t much. But that ain’t bad either. It showed that buyers were waiting at the support level of $1,320.00. I think that if we can keep it in this area in the opening of next week the bulls will win. Particularly if it heads back up $30. Next week will tell of course.

Here’s the interesting news items I found today.

Here’s an interesting video on Mike Cane’s blog: $1Q :One quadrillion dollars of accounting debits evaporated.

Richard Russell – Gold Action Knocks Out Weak Hands

Lear Capital: Gold and the Currency Tug-O-War

Fannie and Freddie may need another $215 billion

Indian Traders bet big time on Gold prices

KELLY’S ZEROES (Banzai7’s Subprime Movie of the Week)

The Best Gold Indicator Around Still Says “Buy Gold”

No Option But QE To Infinity

The Day The EU Started Dying

Keynesian Nonsense Falls Out of Favor in UK – Thank God!

The Gold Bull Market, Public Confidence, and the Coming Change

Cash Cow: Who has the Cash, Who has the Debt, by Sector and Company – Must see.

Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan


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