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October 14, 2010 / Hal (GT)

The march continues for gold and silver.

Today I woke to something very interesting when I turned on my computer and looked at the desktop widget, ExactPrice, and saw that gold had fired up in the foreign markets overnight. Up near $1,388.00 and ounce.

Right now gold is pretty much were it was when I woke: $1,376.70.

Silver has performed more steady today than its yellow brother and is at $24.47.

The news of the jobs and inflation has not hit the market well today. Looks like the Dow is close to posting negative. Though I won’t be surprised if there isn’t a propping up of things here so that it breaks even.

Anyway, here are some links worth considering today.

Check out this chart: Gold/Bond Ratio Chart From Trader Dan

This does not bode well: JPMorgan Chase To No Longer Use MERS

Uncle Sam’s Mysterious Hoard: be sure to see the quote at the end.

Monetizing all the debt, all the time Trillion-dollar deficits don’t matter: you may not sleep well.

When Pigs Can Fly, the Devil Shivers in Hell, and 30% Gains in Western Stock Markets Will Mean Practically Nothing: from ZeroHedge [ht to Laura Gross for pointing it out]

House panel blasts TARP contracts to Fannie and Freddie I found this bit interesting and frankly a harbinger of further doom:

“According to the panel, both the companies have a profound history of corporate mismanagement and the Treasury hired them disregarding it.”

Silver producers set to shine as the metal outperforms gold

Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement – Doh!


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