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August 27, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Strong week for Gold and Silver.

This has been a great week for gold and silver. Right now the real time spot price is $1,238.30 for gold and fabulous $19.12 for silver.

It’s hard to deny the leg up in this bull market.

I have a number of links that I think are worth viewing today.

Silver’s Silent Signs of Splendor – You need to watch silver.

Gold – The Big Picture – Must see graph.

GATA cited in’s analysis of gold price movement:

Gold prices have risen more than 10% in 2010, closing Wednesday at $1,241 an ounce.

Check out the article half way through that details the Commercial Real Estate market: Regulation Run Amok

It pays to riot in Europe – I expect more stuff like this.

Chinese Inflation Could Be 80% Higher Than Reported In July – Keep an eye on China. No wonder they tell their people to buy gold.

Housing Is Dragging The Economy To Hell – A must read.

Structural reform is the answer, not more stimulus – I totally agree.


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