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August 20, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Gold looks to be on the leg up.

Well, have you been watching gold this week? I hesitate to call it but it’s looking like we are seeing the next leg up unfolding.

Right now the spot price is $1,227.90.

I have a few items that I think are worth passing on to you today as we go into the weekend.

[Video] Gerard Celente – The Anti Kool Aid – The worst is yet to come.

And So It Begins – Gold And Silver Liquidity Increases – Definitely a good read.

Platinum – specs buy, but the trade is not so sure – Non-gold, but a precious metal and one heavily dependent on the auto markets.

Ireland – First PIIG to Break Down – One more reason why gold looks to shine.

Record Number Of Americans Using Retirement Funds As Source Of Immediate Cash – Another reason your precious metals are going to look good.

Jim Sinclair had a great comment on this item:

It Looks Like U.S. Government Bonds Aren’t Supported By China Anymore

Let not get deflected by MOPE. It is not the selling of US Treasuries by China that is the problem. It is the momentum collapse of that buying that harbors an ill motive to the bond safety bubble.

Gold is your only insurance and that message is very near to the delivery point via the long bond market. You run the near and intermediate bond rates of return to negative interest rates, and you put the pin in the Bond Bubble. That is the final Pillar of Gold at $1650 and beyond.

Goldman Tells Its “Special” Clients To Sell Gold Even As It Raises Its Price Target On The Shiny Metal – Duplicity is not a virtue.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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