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July 28, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Tracking Gold and its news today.

Hey folks. Yeah. Gold broke through some key levels today on the downside of things. But that’s not to be unexpected in the summer season as history is want to prove.

Right now the free real time Adobe Air app from Lear Capital, ExactPrice, shows the spot price at $1,163.00 which is up off its lows.

Here’s some of the more pertinent items on the gold market today I found today:

Lear Capital asks Which Comes First – Deflation, Inflation or Rising gold

Just Another Day In The Gold Market

Gold Update

While the gold market will be “pressed” as long as possible, it will change direction when time is up

Speaking of housing (which that last link does), this is interesting: Why Are Banks Withholding Highend Repossessions Over $300,000 From the Market?

Why The House-To-Gold Ratio Has A Lot More To Shrink

African Barrick Gold cuts full year production

Why do U.S. asset managers fear government confiscation of gold? – Read this one closely.

S&P Priced In Gold: Comparison Between The Great Depression And Now – Another interesting piece.

Well that’s all I got for you today. There’s some pretty interesting items there news wise I think.

Have a great night.


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