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July 13, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Tracking gold on Terrific Tuesday.

Why is it terrific Tuesday, you ask? I was following the gold spot in this morning and saw it jump back over $1,200. Right now as I type it’s at $1,212.70. Looks like it got up near $1,217.00. You can track for free on your mobile enabled device, website, or desktop with the ExactPrice.

There were a number a great items I came across today that I want to pass on to you in regard to the global economy and gold of course.

Mike Kosares: BIS gold swap signifies a threat to Europe, not to gold – BIS continues to unfold and the truth will win out.

BIS swap transactions show creative use of gold – GFMS – Creative use huh? Got to like that because it shows gold is still the goto money.

GoldCore Update: Gold Higher on Portuguese Downgrade and Lingering Concerns of Contagion – Thoughts why we saw that jump this morn. Gee. I though Europe was out of the woods?

Oh wait. No one is: Debt Commission Leaders Paint Gloomy Picture

Banks worldwide owe nearly $5 trillion to bondholders and other creditors that will come due through 2012


Demand for gold remains positive at current lower prices – Is it any wonder? For your gold coin desire (Silver and Platinum too) Check out Lear Capital.


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