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June 23, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Tracking Gold and related news today.

Hey folks. Well, where you watching this morning with the free real time precious metals tracker, ExactPrice, when the big boys hit gold hard? I was. That kind of move is impressive if anything. But it comes in light of the options expiration coming up so is pretty well near something you can set your watch by at this point.

On that note see short but spot on blog post from Peter Grandich and his team : The Farce and The Fact (Love that title).

And while I’m on Grandich, don’t miss the post: Absolute Must Read Report on Gold

Eric Harding has worthy read at Lear Capital, to which I though, “OH! So that’s what they call it 🙂 ): What is a new term for countries that are proud to announce their gold holdings? Agora Financial coined it as “peacocking”!

This was very interesting to me in regard to silver news on Jesse’s Cafe American: Silver Leaving the Comex As Investors Want to Get Physical

This gave me quite a bit of pause today over at Expected Returns: New Home Sales Plunge 33% to Record Low

MUST WATCH video here: Niall Ferguson: U.S. Fiscal Crisis Will Likely Occur Within 2 Years

Great post per usual from The Market Ticker: Federal Reserve Statement In English

Gold has been climbing since it was hit this morn. At the moment it is $1,237.80.


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