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June 1, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Links to start the week.

Gold today has done well because of all the bad European news. ExactPrice is showing in real time the spot price at $1,225.40.

We’ve got a lot of links and I’m just going list as Time is closing in on me.

Should the Gold Price Fall now? – Good list of reasons.

The Second Bernanke Crash – I got to agree with this quote: “For investors, the only safe haven is of course gold.”

Gold and the US Stock Market – This is a must read. And to prove it here’s the first paragraph from Eric King:

We are in a depression, the first one in over 70 years and the main stream media is still trying to sell the public on a recovery and keep them in stocks. In the midst of all of this, gold has rallied over 5 fold in less than a decade and the Dow/Gold ratio has fallen from a peak of roughly 43 to 1 to around 8 to 1. The next leg of the depression will see a change in lifestyle and an acceleration of the lowering of the standard of living for Americans.

Double Trouble Drives Gold to Record Highs – David Engstrom echoes some of what Eric King said in his blog.

Well, we heard about the gold ATM’s. Well now CNNMoney tells us they are looking to go global: Gold-dispensing ATMs: Coming to a city near you

ECB Buying Up Greek Bonds: German Central Bankers Suspect French Intrigue – Does one really have to say anything to that?

Scramble for gold coins to beat tax increase – British investors heading for the gold.

The Same Big Fat Greek Problems are Coming to America – A must read.

The Chinese Gold Rush


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