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February 22, 2010 / Hal (GT)

Gold Manipulation.

Good Monday morning everyone. The precious metals some nice gains overnight in the foreign markets. But once COMEX came into play they were run down. Right now gold is attempting to gain back and reach it’s close from Friday.

There’s two articles this morning I think worth looking at.

Andrew Schectman: Gold Driven By Manipulation, Supply Shortages

Yet most people don’t have a clue that gold has outperformed every major asset class for a decade straight. In 2002, gold was $250 an ounce, and silver was $4.25/oz. So you’re looking at a gain somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 percent.

When you think about how rapidly information disseminates to the public, it’s absolutely embarrassing that the financial advisers of the world—and the people who work so hard to obtain their money—don’t realize that, indeed, this has been a bull market that has trumped all others for the past decade.

Also check out:

Price Of Gold Now Dictated By The Euro, Rather Than The US Dollar

Finally here’s a video I hit this morning:

At the moment ExactPrice shows gold at $1115.20. Which is a move up from the morning lows. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it see it’s biggest gains after the close of COMEX. Time will tell.


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